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HUNTLY OPENING (19th October 2002)

Well Saturday held off the weather for the Huntly opening and what an opening it was. Even with the Waikato game on, the turnout was real good.

The classes that ran were: Minisprints, Std Stocks, Mini Stocks, A Grade Stockcars, Saloons and streetstocks. Before any racing the entire field of all classes did a grand parade to show off the new looks and styles of the cars, with them all parked on the infield it loked amazing.

Std Stocks
Approximately 20 standard stocks were out for the first night. One from Auckland being Noel Hawthorne 5A, 2NZR Clive Pritchard and 3NZR Steve Axtens, 33R Jason King from Rotorua and 3 Mount cars. First race for the standard stocks was a reminder to the entire crowd that racing is back on! Stirring was definitely oming from the 73M car of Clinton Thickpenny and 49H. First race was won by 71H, second race 5H and feature race 2NZ. Good racing from these guys.

Super Stocks
With ten super stocks on hand they were looking pretty impressive. Heat one was very heart wrenching action with a fight for first place between 8H Dave Roigard and 85H Jarred Wade, as they went around pit bend they got together and the end result – the 8H machine sitting on the 85H car with 12H taking the win. However after a bit of work to the cars, Heat two and Three saw Jarred Wade take the win in an impressive run.

Mini Stocks
There were that many ministocks at the track they had to be divided into two groups, good to see so many kids getting involved with speedway. Good racing action from both groups.

Street Stocks
About 6-7 streetstocks out on the track with action here and there, was interesting anf fun to watch. Looks like a few female competitiors will be in the streetstock class this seasonw ith one from huntly joined and one from Auckland.

With about 7 saloons on the track, 3 from Auckland the racing was reasonably intense. But the highlight or heart rush was from the number 91M saloon when he came to coca cola corner and flipped mid air 3 times then came crashing down. The driver was fine after a check with the ambulance staff but the car is another story…not a nice sight to see.

Mini Sprints
Eleven minisprints were shizzing around the track for the opening meeting, no major accidents or anything disasterous! It was just good adrenalin racing action from the minisprints.

Sorry no photos from this meeting (helps if you get new batteries in the camera!) but check out NZ Stockcar Crazy for some photos.