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Mark Wearing (34A)

Name: Mark Wearing
Car #: 3A
Class: Std Stock
Home Track: Waikaraka Park, Auckland
Age: 39

1. What or who made you decide to start racing Stockcars?
Started doing demo derbys then went down to Waitara and bought a tank with Mark Smith 43A

2. What is your biggest fear when racing?
Having another car say Hello to me in the cockpit

3. Where is you favourite track and why?
Auckland mainly raced there

4. Who is your most respected rival?
Too many to list!

5. Who is most likely to stick you up the wall on opening night?
Everyone I do my share of shit stirring

6. Have you got any goals for your racing future?

7. Do you syke yourself up before a race, if so how?
No when the green flag drops switch off

8. How long have you been racing for?
16 years

9. What is your favourite thing about racing?
Meeting other drivers and ra ra in the clubrooms after racing!

10. What is the thing you dislike the most about racing?
Drivers that whinge when you hit them (They are in a stockcar for christ sake!)

11. What is your favourite food?

12. What is your favourite drink?
Lion Red

13. What is your most embarrassing moment?
Cartwheeling around pit bend with the help of nobody else!

14. Besides maintaining your stockcar, do you have any other interests?
Play a bit of pool (won the Auckland champs 1995) and golf

15. Holden or Ford?

16. Who would you hate to meet in a dark alleyway and why?
Your boyfriend - HAHA

17. If we could have a NZ Standard Stock Team of 5, who would you pick to be in it?
Carlos Chesnutt, Paul Vazey, Blu Rawiri,Tony Wooten, Graeme Ward and myself

18. Who do you think will be this years #1NZ at the Std Stock Nationals (presently Scott Garland)?
Graham Ward, Paul Vazey or myself (if the new cars are finished)

19. Are you for straightlining or against it?
For it!

20. Your quote or saying is.....
Good on ya mate!

21. Any Nicknames?