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Stephen Cowin (17W)

Name: Stephen Cowin
Car #: 17W
Class: Std Stock
Home Track: Wellington
Age: Thirty Something

1. What or who made you decide to start racing Stockcars?
Had to give up motorcross, stockcars was a good idea!

2. What is your biggest fear when racing?

3. Where is you favourite track and why?
All the tracks are good but the best was teh old Bay Park

4. Who is your most respected rival?
Everybody on the track!

5. Who is most likely to stick you up the wall on opening night?

6. Have you got any goals for your racing future?
To keep racing as long as I can, when cost outweighs the fun I will retire!

7. Do you syke yourself up before a race, if so how?

8. How long have you been racing for?
Fifteen years

9. What is your favourite thing about racing?
The contact, meeting other drivers

10. What is the thing you dislike the most about racing?
Grass racers

11. What is your favourite food?
Steak and chips

12. What is your favourite drink?

13. What is your most embarrassing moment?
Hitting the wall by myself!!

14. Besides maintaining your stockcar, do you have any other interests?
Rugby League, Music, Singing, Soing stage shows and musicals

15. Holden or Ford?
Holden but my racecar has a Ford V8

16. Who would you hate to meet down a dark alleyway and why?
My ex wife....very scary

17. If we could have a NZ Standard Stock Team of 5, who would you pick to be in it?
Tony Collins (74W), George Bean (26W), Murray West, Carlos Chesnutt and me

18. Who do you think will be this years #1NZ at the Std Stock Nationals (presently Scott Garland)?
Could be anyone who enters!

19. Are you for straightlining or against it?
It okay for standard stocks

20. Your quote or saying is.....
Its all good!

21. Any Nicknames?