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WAIKARAKA PARK(26th January 2002)

The following statement is written under no prejudice!
Well what can I say about Saturdays racing at Waikaraka Park, yes there was heaps of action but I didn’t get to see any of it as I spent the night at the hospital with Jason Brown 109A after Mark Wearing driving 86A decided to put Jason up the wall and as he was coming down hit him AGAIN! Nasty Play Mark! Jason got knocked out and has injured his shoulder. I did see Neville Langdon get rolled by Wearing (which Nev I heard won the final heat!) and Sam Legae rolled 5A Noel Hawthorne. Other than that no review sorry. Not very impressed with the show of Heat Two.

By the end of the night that many drivers were hurt, the cars were a mess and a lot of tension from what I have been told. I wont even start on what the president of Waikaraka Park said after the meeting but I hope Christine realises that was not stockcar racing last night at all, it is SUPPOSE to be a sport not with HOW MANY injuries resulting in what was called “good racing”! Why should the drivers put their cars on the line for no prizemoney??? I know a few drivers that want answers to that one!