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Travel Diary

This will contain all my ramblings from any travels we do throughout the season...our trips are normally a great time.

2006/2007 season travel diary to come!

 Rotorua Opening

We had our plan all set out for Rotorua, as I was moving house on the same day it all turned out to be a major rush.  The plan was to leave Auckland at 12.30ish stop in Hamilton then to Vegas so we would have plenty of time….yeah right!  Lukily I had help and my car was going down on the Rammit transporter with the 3NZ car.  Just as I was doing the last load to my new house my cellphone rang asking where I was, it was 1pm already and one of my spares had been loaded and I hadnt picked up Avgas.  In the end we got on the road about 2.30pm, the transporter was well on its way ahead of us.  Besides a minor brush with the law, our trip was pretty quick.  I arrived at Rotorua just in time to get scruitineered before drivers meeting.  First race out and it was pretty full on, after a few laps I ended up riding over a car and breaking a shock, retiring to the infield.  Coming into the pits and I had Kevin Ngakai, Riss and another of 71H crew helping fix my shock (yep rissa on the spanners!!!).  While this was going on my right hand was getting quite swollen and sore.  After checking with officials, Jamie got into my car and belted up, all while the shock was still being put on.  He made it on the track just in time.  He had two good runs with minor damage.  Overall it was a good night, I always love going to Vegas, the track and people are always good fun.  A big thanks to Keith Vazey & Marty for sorting out the engine (it doesn’t need a bowl of water now!) and Paul Vazey, Johnny, Jamie, Smithy, Stan and Ricky Mitchell for all your help over the week.  Our next trip might be Huntly this weekend or Kihikihi opening, will decide during the week.


Baypark Trip

Labour weekend arrived which meant Bayparks opening meeting.  After cleaning up the car from Huntly the night before, we were on our way to Tauranga by about 2pm.  Jamie had the honour of driving down there while I slept (good deal I think).  The trip down there was pretty calm with Riss giving us a few songs (no radio thing again).  On arrival at Baypark, the weather was sweet and we were getting ready to race. The night itself went fine, not too much damage just my wing falling apart and the steering arm bending from the wall.  Thanks to the Pick a Part guys Johnny, Jamie, Vazey and Stan for fixing it for me so I could get out again.   The clubrooms after racing is where we headed.  Some ‘interesting’ conversations and lots of laughs.  Was good to meet the 71a crew who were a great laugh, Donna & John Carter kept us entertained (John you left your tree behind though).  Thanks heaps to Bishop for letting all of us stay at your place, it is much appreciated.  Also thanks to Jamie and Rissa for all your help and keeping me sane!

Taipa Queen Birthday
Well our journery started off at around 2pm Friday afternoon, cars were loaded up and ready to go.  This was going to be the first time of me driving a truck so I was expecting a very long journey.

I followed Mike and Riss up to Taipa cause I wouldnt know where I was going, with only one wrong turnnot bad going.  We arrived up there about 7pm after going through the storm of rain and strong winds.  With no radio in the truck, my crew got to listen to me sing the whole way up so they were especially happy when we got there!!  As for Jamie saying he would catch up to me well I beat ya there didnt I???? Haha!

We decided to camp it for the weekend, so putting tents up became quite a mission for someone who never had set a tent up before, so I owe a big thanks to Sam McNabb for putting our tents up in the end!  We settled down and had a few drinks then off to bed it was for an early start the next day.

Saturday morning, we got up had our showers and headed for the track, the weather wasnt looking to great but there were blue skys behind those grey clouds.  We arrived at the track and it was pretty much flooded where we had to park.  I managed to park in the most wettest, muddiest place ever (female drivers aye!).  Pulled my car off the truck, to find out that the clutch had gone in it.great!  No need to say I was slightly peeved.  However Vazey offered me a drive in the ladies race so that cheered me up a bit.  After many rain showers, trying to get the track right finally my race came up.  It was a bit different racing without the gearbox in between my legs but I got use to it.  Well I managed to take my first chequered flag in that race and I was happy as, thanks to John Carter for the bucket of dirty water hehe!  Vazey had one more race then it was off to the Taipa Tavern for the Aucklanders.  It was a good night at the Tavern, nice people running the place and thanks to DJ Rissa for keeping the jukebox playing!

Next morning I woke up with a rather sore head but it was all fine, went to the track with the same sort of weatherI ended up having a go in Jamies borrowed car which was the 164a car of Paulus.  This car was very different to drive and I couldnt really reach the gearstick but it was fun anyway!  The racing got cancelled after a while and prizegiving was on that night, it was really good to meet some of the Huntly guys and girls not to mention the Taipa lot!  Thanks to all the travellers that went up there, yu all made it a great weekend away.


Congratulations to Denise McNabb, Mark McNabb, Mike Hallinan and Marissa Gough for there wins in the streetstock class...good entertainment for us!

So back in the truck for another 5 hurs of singing all the way back to Auckland on the Monday.