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WAIKARAKA PARK DEMO DERBY (03rd December 2005)

Waikaraka Park Speedway held the first Mad Butchers Demoiltion Derby of the 2005-2006 Seasn on December 03rd 2005. The pits were full and the crowd were ready to see some excellent racing action.

The classes that were amongst the pits were: Stockcars, Saloons, Super Saloons, Streetstocks, Modifieds, ATVís and Jalopies.

The first event of the night was the stockcars, 27 of the beasts fronted up with 2 Super Stocks amongst the field. 75A Dave Tenant and 414A Warwick Ansty were the super stocks, these guys started half a lap down and had to battle it through the hitting stockcar field. Billy Neil is his new machine 168A car looking very styley with a yellow chassis and blue body shell, looking nicely like an agrade. This first race was chaos with cars going up the wall, rolling over and just generally getting spun up around the track. 96A Nick Krsinic and 14A CJ Chesnutt were definitely in a stirring mode. 49A Dave Picot went to take the revenge shot at the 96a car but slipped off the front and went up and over. Krsinic carried on to put 158A Daniel Martin up the wall. Meanwhile the 14A car held 74A Craig Chatfield up while 99A Grant Littlewood managed to come through and take the win. Heat Two was very similar however it was a rough ride with 63A Peter Hawkins ending up the ambulance after 92A Paul Gregory dealt to him, Hawkins went in the wall backwards full noise winding him, Hawkins was released from the ambulance a little sore and battered. The Feature calmed down a bit however 74A managed to get 92A into the wall which put him to a complete halt. 441 Andrew Weir cleaned up the feature with a nice lead. Overall the stockcars put on a good show once again at the park and the crowd loved every minute of it. br>
I only saw a bit of each saloon race however the cars were in force, 58A Gavin Hinsley was on the move along with 63A Nigel Moat. Nigel got two 2nd places and was pulling off some good outside passing maneuvers. The driver that caught my eye with his driving skills was the 9A of Nevano Cowan, he is really moving and proving to be a big contender for the champs.

The streeties were out in stirring mode again with a good field. 12A Mark McNabb had some bad luck with a busted diff in heat one, however he got back out in heat two and cleaned up.

The mods as always put on a good race with the winged warriors who really move. Jamie Fox was well underway along with Alan Haigh who had a win in Heat two. I only got to see one race but it was well worth watching it.

The Derby
The Derby was hilarious as usual, you really need to watch the guys and girls in the cars while they are racing, they grin from ear to ear and really get into it. There were some hard hits going on and a few fires. The Hells Pizza team really put together a number of cars who went out there and took on the Mad Butcher cars, a great derby with the win ending up going to the Hells Pizza car. I believe the Derby will be showing on C4 at some stage. Well done to all those who competed, I hope you had heaps of fun Ė it sure looked like you did.

Overall it was a good night the Waikaraka Park Promotion and Auckland stock and Saloons Car Club put on a great show.