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Donna Carter (82A)

Name: Donna Carter
Car #: 82A
Class: Stockcar
Registered Track: Waikaraka Park
Nicknames: Dons (John calls me “Yabba”)
Chassis Type: Spaceframe
Engine: Rover
Body: Ford Y

1. What made you or who influenced you, to get into racing?
Have spectated for years and wanted to get into it, finally made the leap….

2. How long have you been racing for?
1 year

3. Favourite Track?
Waikaraka although I love Kihikihi

4. Favourite Memory?
The best times are always in the clubrooms after and I don’t always remember those!

5. What tracks have you raced on ?
Whangarei, Taipa, Waikaraka Park, Kihikihi

6. Any embarrassing moments?
There has been a couple times that I have lost my focus because I have known that I was up in front and this is when I make mistakes, whats embarrassing about that… My crew can now see those times…..

7. Who do you think will be the next NZ Champ?
Paul Vazey??!!

8. Who is your most respected rival?
Anyone on the track should be respected it is totally different to what you see as a spectator!!!

9. If you could have a NZ std stock team of 5, who would you pick to be in it.?
Chris Taylor, Paul Vazey, Norm Anderson, Shay Oliver, Kelly Layton

10. What are your future racing ambitions
Just to keep finishing (wouldn’t mind a flag at a big track)

11. Any famous last words?
…. Famous? Probably not me!!! Would be great to see some more ladies out there! It doesn’t hurt that much!!