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Kelly Layton

Kelly Layton(93A)

Name: Kelly Layton
Car #: 93A
Class: Stockcar
Registered Track: Waikaraka Park, Auckland
Nicknames: Kelz is the normal but my flatmate calls me Daffy
Chassis Type: Vazey Chassis
Engine: Ford (even though im a HOLDEN girl)
Body: Suzuki Swift

1. What made you or who influenced you, to get into racing?
Im not too sure really, just loved watching and helping my friends out so decided to give it a go myself. Also I like to blame my dad for making me a motorsport lover at a young age (See mum blame him!)

2. How long have you been racing for?
a few seasons now

3. Favourite Track?

4. Favourite Memory?
Well so far I guess it would have to be Taipa, taking my first flag (even if it was in a Ford)

5. What tracks have you raced on ?
Auckland, Huntly, Baypark, Rotorua, Kihikihi, Whangarei & Taipa

6. Any embarrassing moments?
Had a litle incident with the Wing and my garage – we found out that it doesn’t fit in and the garage roof didnt like my wing to much.

7. Who do you think will be the next NZ Champ?
I think 137K Blu Rawiri

8. Who is your most respected rival?
Anyone on the track I guess, each one of them have taught me something each time ive raced

9. If you could have a NZ std stock team of 5, who would you pick to be in it.?
Blu Rawiri, Paul Vazey, Steve Hampton, Tony Wooten and Andrew Weir

10. What are your future racing ambitions
To travel as much as possible and race on as many tracks as I can

11. Any famous last words?
…. Krizo Chassis Hard!! Also my stockcar god also told me its not a stockcar unless the gearbox is in between ya legs!