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Mike Krsinic(67A)

Name: Mike Krsinic
Car #: 67A
Class: Std Stock
Registered Track: Waikaraka Park
Nicknames: Krizo
Chassis Type: KRIZO Flat Chassis
Engine: Rover V8
Body: Corvette

1. What made you or who influenced you, to get into racing?
Went to watch one day and was hooked!!!

2. How long have you been racing for?
13 years

3. Favourite Track?
Waikaraka Park

4. Favourite Memory?
Winning Auckland champs 95-96 season.

5. What tracks have you raced on ?

6. Any embarrassing moments?
Not as yet!!!!!!

7. Who do you think will be the next NZ Champ?

That’s a hard one……….mmmmmmmmmm,couldn’t say.

8. Who is your most respected rival?
When I started,it was ivan king and bill flowers…..nowdays……everyone!!!!

9. If you could have a NZ std stock team of 5, who would you pick to be in it.?
Blu rawiri,nick krsinic,cj chesnutt,carlos chesnutt,paul rawiri……..a team to be feared!!!!!

10. What are your future racing ambitions
Not a lot,have to much to do with the cars running now,93a,96a.. just have the odd drive now and then.

11. Any famous last words?