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HUNTLY CLUB MEETING (29th October 2005)

Saturday night had only a few clubs running meetings, so I chose to head to Huntly to check out the stockcar teams racing and get a bit of practice in for the North Islands coming up in December.

The classes that ran were: Stockcars, Super Stocks, Saloons, Super Saloons, Ministocks, Minisprints, Modifieds and Production Saloons

The teams race was set to go with four cars per team. Waikato was Turtle, Mike NOwell, Hutchy and Kevin Ngakai . The Kihikihi Crusaders were 5K Brad Ridland, 137K Blu Rawiri and two others (apologies not sure of names). The race had some rules around it but it was dominated by Kihikihi. Blu Rawiri showed his experience and good driving skills by blocking and running himself with 5K Brad ridland close in behind. Huntly gave it there best shot but unfortunately it didnt come through for them. Lets hope the teams racing down there in a couple of weeks is just as good as last year.

There were a good number of the winged warriors on the track, a few visitors on the track from Auckland - Jamie Fox, Alan Haigh, Paul Blakely, Brian Jenson, David GAskin, Gary Parker . All three heats were fast and furious. Jamie Fox broke Murray Gordges lap records. Gorde held the record at 14.2 I believe and Foxy came in at 13.86 - that is quick! Wins went to Jamie Fox for heat one and two and unfortunately I didnt get to see the feature so not sure who won this one.

25 stockcars in the pits, including the Huntly cars also we had five Auckland cars, 3 Baypark cars a 5 Kihikihi cars - it was bound to be good. Heat One saw alot of contact but 71H Tony wooten showed his speed and got through to take the flag. Heat Two Wooten was in a stirring mode as Brad Ridland 5K was leading for 99% of the race until Wooten took him to the wall which allowed 8M scott Fredrickson to take the flag. The feature had the super stocks mixed in with a four wide start off, Wooten got picked up from Fredrickson and in the wall. 14a CJ Chesnutt was stirring it up along with the other Huntly Boys. The Feature went to 93H.

Super Stocks
ONly four super stocks in the pits, most are still preparing there cars for this season making sue everything is perfect with the NZ Champs being held at Waikaraka Park this year. The four drivers were 96H Scott Redfern who took out heats one and two, 47H, 816H (ex Steiny car) and 68R. In heat one all four cars had a bit of a wet track but managed to get it together in the second heat with the pace picking up. 68R was chasing Redfern down and it ended up quite a good race with 3 cars being very close together. There feature race they were stuck out with the stockcars to make it more challenging and entertaining for the crowd.

Mini Stocks
As ususal there were a good number of ministocks ready to go. With Foxy jnr in the seat there was a bit of pushing a shoving proving he is going to be another up and coming driver like his dad. Good racing from these cars and I still believe this class is a great stepping stone for the kids to go into bigger classes.

There was about 8 - 10 saloons on the track, they were the second heat out for the night so they had a slow run in heat one but careful driving saw them through. Heat Two and the feature was another story though, a few minor accidents but great racing. Nigel Mouat 63A was running well and getting the fastest lap time in the feature.

With about 7 saloons on the track, 3 from Auckland the racing was reasonably intense. But the highlight or heart rush was from the number 91M saloon when he came to coca cola corner and flipped mid air 3 times then came crashing down. The driver was fine after a check with the ambulance staff but the car is another story…not a nice sight to see. Unfortunately a little fire int he pits for 45M I think it was put him out of the race early in the night.

Super Saloons
Now these guys were on fire! Steve Williams 21H was a stand out performer in the first heat of the night, that car must have some major horsepower under that bonnet because the car sounded AWESOME! Another stand out driver was 8M Geoff Fletcher who took heats two and 3 out. 13M Murray Guy who seemed to be hauling it until he got black flagged for noise I believe (but I guess that another topic all together - might be a bit of debate on that one). Drivers included Dean Waddell, Geoff Fletcher, Ben Harding, Tony Cardwell and more.

Overall it was a generally good meeting, the track surface was drivy and smooth. Thanks t the Waikato Stock and Saloon car club for putting on yet another great meeting!