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Mad Mart Brandt(13B)

Name: MadMarty (Martyka Brandt)
Car #: 13B
Class: Super Stock
Registered Track: Meanee (Napier)
Nicknames: MadMarty- Skin -Mutt
Chassis Type: Flat Spacey Crusher
Engine: Holden/Chev V8
Body: Ford Y & 1932 Ford Coupe

1. What made you or who influenced you, to get into racing?
Encouraged Mongrel Mob in Christchurch to get involved

2. How long have you been racing for?
on and off since 197?

3. Favourite Track?
Gisborne for track surface otherwise all tracks

4. Favourite Memory?
Chasing Bob Burgess and watching him go off end off track into river at Timaru or Ashburton

5. What tracks have you raced on ?

6. Any embarrassing moments?
Towing saloon car to meeanee with a skoda punctured all tyres on trailer kept going determined to get to track was my first meeting there,big gouge on pakowhai road all the way from rims.

7. Who do you think will be the next NZ Champ?

Stockcar-Shay Oliver.Superstocks-Bryce Penn or Malcom Ngatai

8. Who is your most respected rival?
Gerald Grubby Griffiths,Big bad Charlie Bernstein,most drivers

9. If you could have a NZ std stock team of 5, who would you pick to be in it.?
Paully Rawiri,Trevor Mason,Peter Rees,Jason OBrien,Bill Flowers

10. What are your future racing ambitions
To Squash as many oranges as possible ie Kylie Fraser,kerry wont remnant anything etc.

11. Any famous last words?
2004/2005 season dont moan at me for blocking u I will come after u all season!!