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WAIKARAKA PARK OPENING (15th October 2005)

Waikaraka PArk was officially suppose to open a week earlier but as the weather gods came into force, it didnt happen so the opening meeting got held a week later.

The classes that ran were: Stockcars, Streetstocks, Super Saloons, Ltd Saloons, Ministocks, Modifieds. Before any racing the entire field of all classes did a grand parade to show off the new looks and styles of the cars..

There were about 18 stockcars in the pits. We had the Kihikihi boys there which meant with Blu Rawiri having a K on his car some entertainment was sure to happen. Heat ONe saw Jim Brock 37A in his new car being rolled over by Peter Hawkins 63A. Stirring was going on between Blu Rawiri and Mark Wearing 34A. In the feature race Wearing tipped over Rawiri in the same place Jim Brock has been rolled. Brad Ridland 5K took two wins with 12A Mike Stanaway taking a win as well. Daniel Knight who had his first night in the stockcars after being in Ministocks went really good and didnt seem to mind the nudges he received. Great first nights racing for the stockcars. br>
Mods had about 6 cars on the track, quick and getting quicker...I didnt get to see much of there racing but from what I heard it was a great race.

Mini Stocks
Many new drivers to ministocks this year and the talent is showing. Samantha McNabb and Greg Mitchell drove really well for there first nights.

Street Stocks
Streetstocks is a growing class, each year they seem to be providing more entertainment. This class had a great night. The boys and girls in this class have there champs in the south island this year so it will be interesting who takes it out - sth vs north.

The super saloons ran seperately to the ltds. The ltds for me were more entertaining as cars were trying there hardest to get past and the tension grew. Nigel Mouat 63A showed off his new car which is looking great.

Sorry this is a very short review but it was a busy night for all. Check out the auckland website for a full review and pics