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Auckland Alleycats


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Auckland Alleycats
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This year the team is: -
Nick Krsinic (67a) - Captain
Mike Dayberg (98a)
Peter Hawkins (63a)
Richard Fletcher (69a)
Jamie Fergusson (96a)
Neville Langdon (45a)
Paul Gregory (92a)
Manager:  Mike Krsinic
Waikato Raiders vs Auckland Alleycats

Waikato Raiders vs Auckland Alleycats

At Waikaraka Park the Auckland Alleycats had there first teams race against the Waikato Raiders.  As the two teams lined up on the grid, the drivers were ready as the green flag dropped.  Auckland had there foot on the brakes as Rinso 10H got the jump with 48H Steve McPherson behind him followed by 92A Paul Gregory.  As the blocking was happening in behind, 10H was managing to dodge the trouble until 96A caught him on pit bend and sent him into the wall while up the other end 92A Paul Gregory was taken right up the wall.  Richard Fletcher 69A got the first touch of a Wooten Hit which caused quite a lot of damage to the 69A car.  With the Alleycats having two cars out already, there chances were getting slimmer when 71H Tony Wooten came around pit bend and saw the alleycats captain 67A Nick Krsinic stationery and hit his front end then went straight full noise into the back of 96A which caused Jamie Fergusson to head off into the infield with a bit of damage to the rear end of his car.  However Krsinic, 98A Mike Dayberg and 63A Peter Hawkins were all still out there until 63A couldnt move any further.  10H completely full noised 67A but didnt quite stop him.  48H Steve McPherson had too many laps up his sleeve as he went under the flag for a Raider win.

96A Jamie Fergusson and 63A Peter Hawkins deal to one of the Huntly boys

THE TEAM 2001/2002

This season the alleycat members were: -

Peter Church (66A)
CJ Chesnutt (164A)
Shane Bessant (19A)
Noel Hawthorne (5A)
Nick Krsinic (67A)
See the Alleycats website!!!

STD STOCK TEAMS CHAMPS 2000/2001 - Waikaraka Park

This season the std stock teams champs were held at the Alleycats home track Waikaraka Park. As the defending champions, the team battled there way to the final race against one of the toughest std stock teams in New Zealand The Palmerston Pumas. As soon as the green flag dropped the battle begun, 13P Graham Ward got off to an early lead with Blu Rawiri (2NZ) knocking him about here and there but this didnt trouble Ward at all. Most of the attention however was on the 164A car of CJ Chesnutt and the 61P car, CJ slammed the 61P car up the back straight wall causing it to roll but land on its wheels again. 61P kept on going but only seeking revenge on CJ.

The alleycats for basically demolished while the Pumas crossed the chequered flag to take the 1st place and title off the Alleycats.


At Huntly speedway, six Auckland drivers traveled down to take on their neighboring rival. There were five races (four heats and one final) the teams were split into two groups of three from each track, each heat taking on the opposing team. The highlight of the night for me was watching Paul Vazey (35A) take Des Bullot (15H) out to the wall and pushed him around the concrete for over two laps until the 15H machine finally rolled over onto its roof. After this incident however Vazey was out of the race too suffering damage to his car. Scott Garland (1NZ) had two fires in his car which added to the excitement. IN the final it was 4 on 4, Blu Rawiri, Mark Wearing and Paul Vazey did the blocking for Auckland while Billy Neill (82A) came through and took the win for Auckland.

THE 1999/2000 TEAM

This team was what I would like to say 'unbeatable'. The team consisted of the following drivers: -

Carlos Chesnutt (64A)
Blu Rawiri (97A)
Shane Bessant (19A)
Paul vazey (35A)
Peter Church (66A)


The Teams Nationals - Waikaraka Park 01st/02nd December 2000

Qualifying for the Alleycats Results

Auckland Alleycats vs Waikato Invitation - Alleycat win (66A Peter Church)
Auckland Alleycats vs Kihikihi Crusaders - Alleycat win (35A Paul Vazey)
Auckland Alleycats vs Palmerston Pumas - Puma Win (10P Murray West)


The Rascals got the jump off the pole with 86R Bill Kejzer stealing the early lead but not without fear as he had Paul Vazey (35A) and Peter Church (66A) hot on his trail. 7R Steve Orr took Vazey and Bessant hard into the wall but during this hot manoeuvre put himself hard into the wall resulting in a knee injury for Orr. After the incident Vazey was still mobile with not much damage and Bessant had steering damage but this didnt stop the 19A machine from following through with his blocking duties against the Rascals. The Alleycat team captain Carlos Chesnutt got the best of the Rascals by stirrin up the leader of the race 86R for a lap then spinning him on the straight which allowed Church to take the lead and take the chequered flag for an Auckland win.


As the alleycats came out onto the track, many eyes were surprised to see Blu Rawiri back out after the night before. Rawiri had major body and mechanical damage but somehow got it all going again for the finals (true team support aye). As the race started Pumas had the pole with 18P taking the lead Rawiri in behind. Vazey and Chesnutt did a fantastic job of blocking the Pumas. Chesnutt took the leader of the race 18P to the infield allowing Rawiri to take the lead. The whole race was a big heart jumper for the crowd and as Rawiri came around the bend to take the chequered flag horns and screams could be heard from afar. The sportsmanship of the Pumas came out as they took the Alleycars around on there cars for the victory lap (Good ol Pumas!). I have to say this was one of the best races I have ever watched and one I will not forget soon.